Dr. Courtney Howard, MD


STEP ONE : Become a Green Party member

In order to vote for the next leader of the Green Party of Canada, you must purchase a membership by Thursday, September 3. 
Purchase your membership here with a minimum donation of $10 for a one year membership, or $25 for a three year membership. 

All donations are up to 75% tax deductible. That means a $10 donation actually costs you $2.50.


STEP TWO : Get to know the candidates

The vote will be by preferential ballot. That means you will rank candidates from your first to last choice. Be sure to make an informed decision by reading all the candidates’ bios and taking the time to research their visions for the future of the GPC. 

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Voting begins September 26 and closes October 3, 2020.  
Mail in ballots must be requested by Friday, August 14, 2020 by emailing elections@greenparty.ca or calling 1-866-868-3447. 

Please note: All members age 14 and older are eligible to vote for the GPC leadership.

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STEP FOUR : Show your colors!

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