Dr. Courtney Howard, MD



How British Columbia protects its people from wildfire smoke

Howard encourages towns and cities to consider things like smoke shelters and to plan for indoor recreational activities and medical needs in advance, rather than just reacting to an emergency. “We need to take a more proactive approach and identify vulnerable people, like elderly people, ahead of time,” she says, “and have a way of getting to them.”


Dr. Courtney Howard on The House with Chris Hall

Dr. Howard joins Host Chris Hall, Meryam Haddad and Dimitri Lascaris discussing what differentiates them in the Green Leadership Election.  Dr. Howard features her Planetary Health platform.  Segment starts at Podcast minute 28. The House Podcast Sept. 12


Canada’s Greens must be seen as ‘party of planetary health’

CLIMATE change is not an abstract concept to Dr. Courtney Howard. “This is one of the most rapidly warming places in the world,” the emergency room physician told Redaction Politics from her home in Yellowknife. “We are a canary in the coal mine.” Read the full Article here.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People

Humans need a lot of love right now. I’m running because I think this moment —right now— is the point at which more change is possible than at any other time I’ve been alive, and I believe that a focus on health will help us chart a course to safety. We’ve been disrupted. We’re scared.


Announcement from Dr. Courtney Howard

Big day today — feels like a bit of a life turning point. Got up this morning and announced that I’m running to be the next leader of the Green Party of Canada.