William Gagnon

Statement about Annamie Paul stepping down

“Thank you to Annamie Paul for your service to Canada. It meant a lot to my daughters and I to have a strong, intelligent, articulate woman on the stage. Many have asked about my plans at this juncture. The NWT is currently being rocked COVID19. For the moment my focus is on my work in the Emergency Department and on helping the local, national, and international health communities respond to the converging health crises of COVID19 and climate change in a manner that recognizes that on an interconnected planet, for any to thrive, all must have the opportunity to be well.”

Statement from Facebook— June 2021

I’ve had a lot of people approach me in the past day or so with questions about potential near-term political involvement, and given the wonderful energy and support I had with the campaign, that as it happens, I launched a year ago today, I feel I ought to post a brief message.

TORONTO STAR : Indigenous people had some of the highest rates of ER visits during 2014 Yellowknife wildfires: study

“Melaine Simba will never forget the months she spent inside her home on Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation, south of Yellowknife, with her windows tightly shut to prevent wildfire smoke from seeping in. It was the summer of 2014 and she was following public health orders to stay inside during the Northwest Territories’ worst wildfire season on record.”

New Years Eve 2021

“Hallo All! I write from beside a woodstove, kids just stirring, Darcy doing yoga behind me as part of a New Years’ resolution-ish initiative from last year that actually stuck. I spent most of yesterday reading “Deep Work” and am starting my new, more efficient New Year’s plan a few days early by purposefully not checking my email before settling down to write. Apparently this works great in order to actually eventually get all the email done. I BELIEVE!!”

Scary Mommy : “Climate Change Is Making Our Kids Sick–But We Can Do Something About It”

“Dr. Courtney Howard, a physician, professor, and the president of the Canadian Association of the Environment, told Scary Mommy that a range of climate change factors are impacting our children, including wildfires and tick-borne diseases. These have both made the news many times over the past several years, including wildfires in California and the scary truths about living with Lyme disease.”

18 Questions with Courtney Howard

“This month we are featuring in our eco-maven section an inspiring and fearless ER doctor from Canada, Dr. Courtney Howard, who is not only at the frontline attending patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and took the time to answer our questions, but she has also found time in her life to advocate for planetary health, and even lead the Lancet Countdown report – in the Canadian Policy brief- with recommendations for a healthy response to climate change. “

THE HILL : “Climate change and the toll it takes on our mental health”

“There’s a moment when the diagnosis of climate change and what it means for health really lands. For me, it happened in 2012 as I read an article that made clear that we need to leave the vast majority of economic fossil fuel reserves in the ground or risk an unlivable world within the lifetime of today’s children. I finished the article curled up in the fetal position around my eight-month-old daughter. For months afterwards my first thought upon awakening was of how her prospects for the future had changed. I had trouble concentrating, and every new data point in terms of temperature predictions was a punch to the gut.”

EM OTTAWA : “System Change is Needed to Combat Climate Change”

“Increasing awareness of the urgency of climate change, led by the youth climate movement, and growing felt impacts of the health effects of climate change, including the devastating bushfires in Australia, are fuelling a global increase in interest in the concepts of “eco-anxiety” and “ecological grief.” How to cope with these emotions personally, and how to help our patients? “