Dr. Courtney Howard, MD

La Presse

Dans les médias: “Faire le choix de la santé”

LA PRESSE “Dans les dernières semaines, nous avons souligné, célébré, et reconnu le travail exceptionnel des travailleurs de la santé de première ligne. D’un océan à l’autre, et à travers le monde, nous avons chanté, allumé nos lumières, frappé sur nos casseroles et dansé de la maison pour souligner les efforts et le courage de nos voisins et amis qui sont partis œuvrer dans nos centres de santé et qui ont maintenu nos services essentiels, jour comme nuit.”


TEDxMontrealWomen : Healthy Planet, Healthy People

TEDxMontrealWomen “For too long we’ve put health and the environment in different boxes. The work of our generation is to bridge the two, to understand that in fact, they belong in the same box–that planetary health defines human health–and that as we improve one, we will improve the other as well.”


Dr. Courtney Howard on The House with Chris Hall

Dr. Howard joins Host Chris Hall, Meryam Haddad and Dimitri Lascaris discussing what differentiates them in the Green Leadership Election.  Dr. Howard features her Planetary Health platform.  Segment starts at Podcast minute 28. The House Podcast Sept. 12


Canada’s Greens must be seen as ‘party of planetary health’

CLIMATE change is not an abstract concept to Dr. Courtney Howard. “This is one of the most rapidly warming places in the world,” the emergency room physician told Redaction Politics from her home in Yellowknife. “We are a canary in the coal mine.” Read the full Article here.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People

Humans need a lot of love right now. I’m running because I think this moment —right now— is the point at which more change is possible than at any other time I’ve been alive, and I believe that a focus on health will help us chart a course to safety. We’ve been disrupted. We’re scared.

Policy Work

Ecological grief and anxiety: the start of a healthy response to climate change?

The next 10 years are a crucial decade for the world. Ecological grief and anxiety over current losses or anticipated future change are a sign of relationship with, or connection to, the natural world. What is needed are accessible and safe spaces to explore these difficult emotional reactions and the political will to ensure that important strategies and supports are funded.

Policy Work

CAPE: Healthy Recovery Plan For a Safe and Sustainable Future

Recently, organizations representing 40 million healthcare workers worldwide — two-thirds
of the global workforce — supported an open letter addressed to G20 leaders, calling upon
them to create a green and healthy recovery in order to support people through COVID-19
and its economic fallout, and prevent further crises related to climate change and planetary
This report represents a Made-in-Canada set of recommendations based on this call to action.