Goats for Widows!

ASRI/Health in Harmony take data from their village surveys to determine which widowed women in the area may benefit from goats. The women receive 1-2 goats, then repay ASRI in goats once the animals procreate. There are about 200 widows in the program. A goat sells for about 2-2.5 million rupiah in an area with an average monthly income of about 1.2-1.5 million rupiah per month. Many of the widowed women live with their children or extended family. The money allows them to contribute to household income, helping them to renovate their houses and improve their diet.

Ibu Hapsah lives with her daughter and says the money she gets from the goats is her only source of income. I told Ibu Hapsah that she reminded me of my Grandma Bertha, who lived on the family farm until she was 99.5. Ibu said that if she was a farmer she must have been strong. It’s clear that Ibu Hapsah is too.

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