Wildfires can wake us to need for climate action

"It is hard for little — and big — people to process the horrors of wildfires. Adaptation helps, but prevention is better."

A price is right: The health case for a price on pollution

"The single most powerful strategic instrument to inoculate human health against the risks of climate change would be for governments to introduce strong and sustained carbon pricing."(Watts 2015)

Arctic Data-streams - Graphing Land and Love

"We were standing around talking about water in the staff room at Inuvik General Hospital when I realized I’d been picturing the ocean emptying into the river." Winner, AMS–Mimi Divinsky Award for History and Narrative in Family Medicine

FLOW (finding lasting options for women): multicentre randomized controlled trial comparing tampons with menstrual cups.

"Menstrual cups are a satisfactory alternative to tampons and have the potential to be a sustainable solution to menstrual management"

Courtney Howard on doctors' climate change letter to Trudeau

'Health ... can provide a unifying key to unlock some of the disagreements and get people on the same page'