Power & Politics: Is Climate Change Making You Sick?

Pre-COP23 interview on the Lancet Countdown-Canadian Public Health Association Climate-Health Brief for Canadian Policymakers

Powering Past Coal Announcement at COP23

Coal is responsible for 44% of global carbon dioxide emissions and at least 800,000 deaths every year--making phasing out coal one of our greatest opportunities to improve global health. Video thanks to Jeni Miller!


CBC News Interview Lancet Countdown Policy Brief 2018

Carbon pricing, heat-related illness, and ecological grief: Pre-COP24 interview on CBC Newsworld.


Movement-Building for Nerdy Folks

How do we take excellent research and use it to make the real world better?


TEDx Healthy Planet, Healthy People

16 minute briefing on climate-health and planetary-health challenges and solutions

Interview with Dr Maria Neira: WHO Special Report on Climate-Health COP24

Global Climate and Health Alliance ED Dr Jeni Miller interviews WHO Environment Head Dr Maria Neira

Dr Nick Watts of the Lancet Countdown on the Amazing Response to the 2017 report!

I pulled over Dr Nick Watts, Executive Director of the Lancet Countdown on Climate-health, just after the Global Climate and Health Alliance meeting at COP24 to talk about the incredible response to their 2017 report--and next steps!

Carol Devine of MSF-Canada on Climate-health

Carol Devine and the MSF-movement are mobilizing on climate change.

2020 Climate-health Curriculum Challenge with Kit Moran

A target for us! Dalhousie Medical Student Kit Moran issues a challenge to Canadian Medical Schools from COP23--Climate-health curriculum by 2020.

SOS! Summer of Smoke Research Project

During the summer of 2014, Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT), experienced an unprecedented number of forest fires. The SOS project, undertaken by CAPE and Ecology North in partnership with the Yellowknives Dene and the Ka'a'gee Tu First Nation, combined quantitative and qualitative approaches to generate a holistic view of the health impacts.

Dr Nick Watts explains COP to a Newbie

Mission: Intro to the FCCC process in 2 min or less!

A Healthy Response to Climate Change: Upstream 2017

A Healthy Response to Climate Change: our greatest challenge and opportunity. Talk from 2017 Closing the Gap conference for Upstream.

Next Steps...

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